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New ZealandThe Conservation for the Oceans Foundation was created to support grassroots-level conservation, education and research projects that bring about positive changes to ecosystems worldwide through local, multi-stakeholder, actions. The Foundation focuses on conservation of water quality, biodiversity, climate change, coral ecology and sustainability for ecosystems and human lifestyles.

Foundation History

In 1990, as part of a regional analysis of the World Aquarium’s development of its educational objectives, the need became apparent for regional coordination of conservation actions and education. Working in conjunction with regional governmental and non-governmental organizations, the World Aquarium established guideposts for multi-stakeholder involvement and designed a plan of action to involve educational, research and conservation activities.

In 1996, the World Aquarium published the book, Conservation and Management of Ornamental Fish Resources of the Rio Negro Basin, Amazonia, Brazil – Project Piaba to develop field level expertise. At the International Aquarium Congress in Monaco in 2000, the World Aquarium instructed and guided for public aquariums to expand their conservation, education and research initiatives. In 2002, the World Aquarium expanded its conservation focus while working with UNESCO for the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands to develop an international multi-stakeholder organization called the World Ocean Network. In 2006, the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation was founded to expand the World Aquarium’s focus worldwide.

Youth Voices

Young people making a difference in their communities through environmental actions towards a sustainable Earth.

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