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Mission, Goals & Objectives


To support grassroots-level conservation, education and research projects that bring about positive changes to ecosystems worldwide through local, multi-stakeholder, actions.


Since 1989 numerous local, regional, national, and international surveys have been developed by World Aquarium and its predecessor institutions to determine the basis for setting short- and long- term goals. The purpose of these goals are to help establish a foundation to accomplish the mission of developing tools to implement the vision of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD):

  1. Achieve greater sustainability of ocean resources
  2. Achieve decrease in pollution activities
  3. Achieve mechanisms for better environmental understanding
  4. Improve the availability of clean water and improve health conditions from water-borne diseases


The overarching objective of the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation is to increase global awareness about conservation for the purpose of building inspiration to create action. The objectives for each one of our initiatives are independently defined by local and regional approaches to achieving measurable results.

Youth Voices

Young people making a difference in their communities through environmental actions towards a sustainable Earth.

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