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Grant Program

The Conservation for the Oceans Foundation has developed a grant program for local projects directed towards saving our oceans, protecting our climate, decreasing pollution, providing access to clean water, improving community collaboration and communicating efforts to save our planet. The Foundation will fund consumable expense items to allow researchers to address these issues and share the findings. Funding and actions are expected to occur over a 10-year period in order to ensure the widest and deepest possible application.

Funds received from the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation are meant to pay for consumables, direct expenses and educational materials. It is expected that each organization will provide all overhead expenses including salaries, rent, transportation, etc. Most of the funded projects are receiving $2500 which is the maximum the CFTO allows for and the matching amount of each averages over $10,000 from the grant recipient.

For additional information about the Grant Program and to learn how to apply for a CFTO grant, please contact us.

Youth Voices

Young people making a difference in their communities through environmental actions towards a sustainable Earth.

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