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Youth Voices in Conservation & the GreenLeaf Marketplace

Youth Voices in ConservationGiven the social, ecological, and political challenges that face our world today, the next generation cannot wait until they are adults to begin the work of building a more humane and sustainable world. Today’s youth are the decision makers of tomorrow. Changes in their attitudes can elicit long term positive changes and fostering critical thinking skills in our youth. In organizations around the world, capable young leaders are being taught about leadership; they are interested in making a difference and enjoy learning by doing—activating organizations, schools, and communities to be more accountable, effective, and conservation-oriented.

It is for these reasons that the World Aquarium’s Conservation for the Oceans Foundation has created the Youth Voices Campaign and informational services. By educating and engaging youth worldwide, we can provide them a scientific, holistic view of the world they live in and ground them in the importance of their local ecosystems.

Youth Voices was designed to inspire conservation actions from youth by featuring current conservation actions being led worldwide by other youths.  Today’s youths want to make a difference in the world and stand ready do something about their environment. Youths are also willing to engage other youths in joining them in their projects or presenting model projects that can be implemented elsewhere. Engaging youth in changing their actions towards conservation will elicit long-term sustainable results, thereby positively impacting ecosystems worldwide.

The Intent of the Youth Voices in Conservation’s GreenLeaf Program

• To compel youths to get involved in local and global ecological and conservation initiatives for the purpose of protecting the environment and learning about those environments.
• To establish a marketplace to create, measure, and store carbon credits generated by localized community actions and then convert them into services and goods for use by the communities that created the savings in the first place.

Youth Voices in Conservation’s GreenLeaf Program may be able to address localized sustainability issues as well as provide a methodology for decreasing carbon footprints and increasing financial sustainabilities within each community and consequent environmental effects from the wide scale adoption of these plans may be expected. It is anticipated that these credit mechanisms may be used with local bank issuance for green purposes with conditional cash transfer as part of the residual credit program.

Project types include:
• Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
• Conservation
• Biodiversity
• Protection of International Waters
• Land Degradation
• Persistent Organic Pollutants
• Sustainable Livelihoods and Lifestyles


Click here to see the Youth Voices Brochure.

Youth Voices

Young people making a difference in their communities through environmental actions towards a sustainable Earth.

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