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Journal of the Water Planet

The purpose of the Journal of the Water Planet is multifold.  It has been created and distributed to:

  • publish scholarly works on aquaculture, public aquariums, climate change, coral ecology, sustainability, conservation issues, and science inquiry-based education, and environmental awareness and understanding;
  • promote a common platform for international debate on aquatic issues, understanding and concerns;
  • bridge the gap between community, government, non-government organizations, schools, and scientific efforts utilizing a popular media outlet;
  • promote contact between diverse cultural and geographical areas and foster involvement in world-wide conservation, education and research;
  • serve as a reference base for future studies and as a record of past research;
  • endorse efficient international communication between scholars and the various centers of research;
  • provide readers with a broad base of information in aquatic-related fields; and
  • broadly disseminate news in conservation, research and education to encourage cooperation and collaboration.


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